Here’s a selection of our client work involving SEO, WordPress CMS and mobile ready design. We monitor and manage all of these sites as part of our service, apply updates when required and do everything to keep the sites safe and sound.

Wordpowered — Digital copywriters in Newcastle.

Wordpowered digital copywriter in NewcastleWordpowered is a digital copywriting agency in Newcastle. They specialise in content creation and web content review for small businesses.

As a new startup they needed an online presence to promote their brand and service. What they didn’t want was the hassle of doing it all themselves.

That’s where Venk came in. We used the Twenty Seventeen theme as a base and customised with their logo, house colours and fonts. We iterated the design to make sure it performed well on all device screen sizes.

The outcome? A responsive, fast and secure website which scores 98% in GTMetrix’s Pagespeed test.

Wordpowered digital copywriter in Newcastle, GTMetrix performance

We review the site regularly to optimise these three key factors – as Google now uses your site’s compatibility with mobile devices, load speed and https support to enhance ranking in the Search engine.

You can visit the Wordpowered website or follow Wordpowered on Twitter. Or, read how we could help you too.

SP Imports — Global commodity exporters.

sp-imports.com, website by VenkHeadquartered in Athens, SP Imports are a global import & export consultancy who’s expertise lies in commodity exchange.

In order to promote themselves globally SP Imports needed an effective website to advertise their consultancy to prospective clients. Their desire was to provide a simple online brochure of their expertise, experience and services.