Like most modern websites this one uses cookies. Here’s our policy on the use of cookies on this website.

Cookies are small text files stored on your computer by your browser. They’re used for things like remembering whether you’ve visited the site before or to help us understand how many people use our site.

They contain information about the use of your computer but not personal information (e.g., your name, for instance).

Our use of cookies

We may collect information when you visit the Website, using cookies. Cookies allow us to identify your computer and find out details about your last visit.

You can choose not to allow cookies. If you do, we can’t guarantee that your experience with the Website will be as good as if you do allow cookies.

The information collected by cookies does not personally identify you. Information gathered includes general stuff about your computer settings, your connection to the Internet e.g. operating system and platform, IP address, your browsing patterns and timings of browsing on the Website and your location.

Most internet browsers accept cookies automatically. You can change browser settings cookies, or to prevent them being automatically accepted.

These links explain how you can control cookies via your browser. Remember that if you turn off cookies in your browser then these settings apply to all websites:

Types of cookie that may be used during your visit to the Website:

The following types of cookie are used on this site. We don’t list every single cookie used by name – but for each type of cookie we tell you how you can control its use.

Personalisation cookies

These cookies are used to recognise repeat visitors to the Website and in conjunction with other information we hold to attempt to record specific browsing information (that is, about the way you arrive at the Website, pages you view, options you select, information you enter and the path you take through the Website). These are used to recommend content we think you’ll be interested in based on what you’re looked at before.

Analytics cookies

These monitor how visitors move around the Website and how they reached it. This is used so that we can see total (not individual) figures on which types of content users enjoy most, for instance.

You can opt out of these if you want:

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