Your website is a vital digital marketing and communication tool — not just a pretty face. It provides information about your product and service to the world.

It’s also where someone will probably first interact with your business. That’s a critical moment and you need to make the best impression you can.

If you neglect your website, it’ll show. In our experience, small businesses face several challenges when managing an online presence:

  • There is often not time to update the website on a regular basis
  • Infrequent use of website software means you’re always on a learning curve
  • You have no real insight into how many people are visiting your website or where problems may lie
  • Web design and trends change often, so your website can look neglected or out of date when compared to corporates
  • There is a knowledge gap on what you need to do to promote your practice online
  • Web developers often charge to apply the smallest update

Venk is a managed service which includes everything you need to build, manage and promote your business online. You pay monthly, there’s no large up front fee and you can cancel at any time.

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